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Skin Analysis Tool

Take a short quiz to discover your unique skin type and get your personalised skincare routine. By completing this 2-minute skin type online test, you will be able to:

  • Discover your unique Skin Type and related concerns from 16 skin iDs
  • Get a FREE checklist of the ingredients to consider and avoid for your unique skin type
  • Get a FREE 30mins consultation with our leading skincare expert (upon booking)
  • Get a BONUS at 10%++ voucher for your first purchase of recommended skincare routine for you.

- Your Personalised Skincare Routine

Oily vs Dry - Question 1

After washing your face (without putting any skincare/makeup), your skin looks/ feels:

Oily vs Dry - Question 2

Do you have whiteheads/ blackheads?

Oily vs Dry - Question 3

Is your face oily in the T-zone?

Sensitive vs Resistance - Question 1

Is your skin sensitive to new skincare?

Sensitive vs Resistance - Question 2

Do you have acne or rosacea?

Pigmented vs Non-Pigmented - Question 1

Do you have small brown spots on your face, chest, back, or arms? (not moles)

Pigmented vs Non-Pigmented - Question 2

When exposed to the sun, your skin:

Wrinkled vs Tight - Question 1

Your skin tone is:

Wrinkled vs Tight - Question 2

Do you have wrinkles?

Wrinkled vs Tight - Question 3

Do you smoke? Or are exposed to second-hand smoke?

Wrinkled vs Tight - Question 4

How often do you eat your fruits and vegetables?

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