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I Was Receiving Compliments from People Around Me

“I was facing a lot of hyperpimentaton spots after recovering from my acne for a year.

When I started on this set, the first morning, I experienced this glow and saw that my pores were significantly smaller! It was very exciting because I have never seen this happening before.

By the 14th day, I could tell that my skin was looked clearer and brighter overall, and I was receiving compliments from people around me. My concerns of my dark spots cleared up significantly.”


Grace Tan using the Intense Hydration Set

Skin type: Oily

Skin concerns: hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dull skin

Visible Improvement on My Wrinkles, Dark Circles & Pimples

“My skin suffered from alot of fine lines and breakouts. After using my personalised skincare set, I saw visible improvement on my wrinkles, dark circles and pimples! Overall, my skin feels quite comfortable even after 14 days”



Anabelle using the Balancing Moisturizer Gel-Cream & Skin Brightening Booster

Skin Type: Oily

Skin Concern: Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Acne

My Skin Feels Smoother

“I like the spreadability of the cream and booster. They were really easy to apply. The texture is also nice, not too watery or too tacky. Although it takes a while for the product to absorb into the skin, I really like that my skin feels smoother afterwards.”


Su using the Revitalizing Moisturizer Cream & Pore Minimizing Booster

Skin Type: Dry

Skin Concern: Dehydrated Skin, Large Pores

My Skin is Firmer and More Elastic

“I’m surprised how smooth the cream and booster glides on my skin. It also absorbs fast.

I feel like my skin is firmer and more elastic. The product is easy to use and absorbs quickly, not oily or sticky. However, the lack of scent takes a while to get used to. I do notice how my wrinkles looks reduced and my skin looks more radiant.”


Jess using the Revitalizing Face Cream & Skin Firming Booster

Skin Type: Dry

Skin Concern: Roughness, Fine Lines

My Skin Has Become Brighter!

“It is really hydrating for my skin and I could see my skin become brighter.”


Tess using the Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream & Skin Glowing & Hydrating Booster

Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive

Skin Concern: Dull Skin

I am Able to See the Radiance After 14 Days!

“The Skin Glowing & Hydrating Booster feels mild on my skin and I am glad that I am able to see the radiance after 14 days”


Julia using the Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream & Skin Glowing & Hydrating Booster

Skin Type: Dry

Skin Concern: Dull Skin, Dark Spots

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