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Questions about snowperk products

What is the difference between your product and other skin care products in the market?

snowperk skincare has proprietary Glowing Skin system and recommends personalised skincare routine for your skin, which includes 1 moisturizer and 2 boosters and right order of application.

This is the result of over 6+ years of careful research and development. While your choice for other skincare products is based on your general understanding of your skin and contains actives that may be harmful to your skin, snowperk offers a proven system to build the right skincare routine.

  • We designed the snowperk iD (skin iD testbased on dermatologist- validated questionnaire.
  • We select natural actives that delivers outstanding performance based on clinically proven studiesWith no side effects (irritation or breakouts)
  • We packed the moisturisers in airless pumps for good hygiene and to deliver to you consistent 24-hour hydration for fresh and youthful skin.
Why do you recommend mixing your own personalised moisturiser and booster?

Actives, which are affected by pH, solubility and formulation compatibility can lose efficacy rapidly over time. Interaction between ingredients affect the performance of the product. Separating actives from the moisturiser keeps ingredients fresh.

How fast can I see results?

All our active ingredients are dosed at the proven clinical level for optimum efficacy. When tested on real consumers, they reported seeing results in just within 7 – 14 days! We guarantee you will see it as quickly too.

Will my skin be sensitive to your products?

Our products contain actives with a high standard of safety profile, and the formula is fragrance-free and colorant-free and PH balanced, so it is suitable for sensitive skin types.

Product Quality

Ingredients we use

Here’s what you NEED to know: at snowperk®, we ensure that our products are given the optimal dosage of these clinically proven actives, so that they WORK. Plus, our ingredients are naturally derived and come with a good safety profile. Providing strong healing and rejuvenation. Read on to learn about them!

Red Clover Flower
These flowers are traditionally used for purification and rebalancing, it has powerful pore minimizing properties.

Lemon Myrtle
Found deep within the Australian Rainforests, it helps rebalance sebum production in oily skin.

Canadian Willowherb
Native Americans harvest it for its anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.

Damask Rose
A precious flower that only blooms once a year, during May & June. Handpicked by the local Turkish farmers, Damask Rose is a natural protector against pollution, fatigue & stress. It also offers an aromatic sent for super relaxation.

Fact: 1kg of Rosality is obtained from 10 kg of petals = 3000 roses

High concentrates of flavonoids which fight against UV induced damage, providing strong anti-aging & anti-wrinkle properties

Saccharide Isomerate (Corn extract)
Balances, strengthens and rehydrates skin

French Polynesia Ferment Filtrate
Derived from Kopara microorganisms, originating from the Volcanic Islands of the French Polynesia, helps skin renewal

Advanced Peptide
An encapsulated peptide that is safe and potent with proven clinical efficacy for whitening and brightening. Effectively reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation on skin.

Sugar Beet Root Extract
Non-GMO and multifunctional, Sugar beet root extract is a moisturizing natural osmolyte that acts like a protection, a small amino acid derivative that helps strengthen your skin barrier.  This multi-functional ingredient is used as the core of all our products.

Ingredients standard

We benchmark ourselves against the best. Not only does snowperk® products contain over 95% of naturally derived ingredients, they are formulated to be gentle on your skin. snowperk® products are also minimally formulated, allowing for over 98 unique customizations, enhancing your skincare experience.

Product packaging

Our snowperk® founders have a deep love for function and efficiency. Our moisturizer range all feature the unique ZERO-WASTE airless pump technology which reduces product wastage and minimizes dust and mould from germinating in the product. Be assured that all of your snowperk® products are clean and safe for use.

Why does my skin have irritation after using the snowperk™ products?

We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you experience skin irritation while using snowperk® products, please contact us (

Are snowperk™ products safe for use during pregnancy?

First off, congrats! Hope your term has been proceeding smoothly.

While we strive to formulate safe products with as many natural ingredients as possible, we would encourage you to first consult your gynae for a more accurate prescription. 

Shipping and Returns

When will I receive my order?

We deliver during normal business working hours we may require a signature on receipt, so we suggest your order is delivered to an address where someone will be available to accept it.

If you’re not in when your parcel arrives, please arrange with the carrier on how to pick up your order or rearrange delivery.

Please be advised that during public holidays, deliveries will not be made. In this instance, please expect your order to arrive the following business day.

How much is delivery?

We offer FREE Standard 6 – 9 Day Shipping on all Local Orders above $50 SGD*

Purchases below $50 $5 (6-9 working days)
Purchases above $50 Nett* FREE (6-9 working days)

International Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout.
*Nett price, after discount or coupon code has been deducted


When your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation e-mail. Most of our orders are shipped within 1-2 working days after your order has been placed.


We want you to enjoy your snowperk® skincare as much as we do! Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns. Instead please contact us ( and we’ll gladly help with any enquiries. We typically respond to all emails within 2-3 working days.

Faulty Item

We want to sort out any issues with faulty items straightaway.

As soon as you discover a fault, please reach out to us ( with the following information:

The order number
The faulty item’s name and number
A description of the fault (Attach a photo for our reference!)


Does snowperk® have a physical store?

Currently, snowperk® is strictly online-only. So, there is no physical store in Singapore yet. You can follow us on Instagram @snowperk and like us on Facebook at for future updates

Does snowperk® provide skin analysis for customers and how?

Yes! Our mission is to educate women with more knowledge about their skin. Driven to ‘Know our skin better’ we created snowperk iD™.

It only less than 3 minutes of your time to complete and it is very comprehensive skin typing quiz to understand your skin concerns.

Find your snowperk iD™ (

My Account

Where do I log in?

Please refer to “my account” in the bottom of each website.

What if I forgot my password?

You can click ‘lost my password’ in the “My Account” log in page.

How does snowperk® use my personal data?

We care about your privacy.

Your personal information (name, email, phone number and other contact data) will be stored in systems primarily hosted in Singapore. This information will be used by Bluerock, partners and selected service providers to provide you with the product or service information requested. Bluerock does not sell your personal information to third parties. To learn, please read our Privacy Policy (

Does snowperk® provide skin analysis for customers and how?

Definitely! Our different booster’s active ingredients have strong synergy when used together. You can take the snowperk iD ( to see your recommended pairings!

When will I see the skin improvement after applying your boosters?

snowperk® products are formulated to work skin deep.
While you may not see visible changes on your skin, fret not, our products come with strong efficacy and are vigorously tested for clinical efficacy. Give your skin time to soak in the goodness, and in about 14 days, you should be able to feel your skin glow. PS.

ps. Did you know the average skin renewal period is 28 days?
Most of our consumer studies report more positive results with a usage of 28 days!  The skin firming booster may take longer up to 12 weeks.  Real results will vary depending on the individual’s skin.


What is in it for me?

Get an 8 or 12-week supply of personalized skincare. Choose from 2 packages:
The Pair – 1 Moisturiser & 1 Booster or
The Trio – 1 Moisturiser & 2 Boosters
Get a personalized routine to your snowperk iD® and receive up to 2 limited edition mini Boosters at the end of your subscription cycle. (worth up to $40) Also, you’ll get free delivery, automatically delivered to your doorstep every month.

What does Step 1 mean?

Depending on your unique skin type, we have put together a Flawless Skin Course for you to achieve perfect skin goals.

All you need to do is follow the steps in accordance for optimal results.
We would not encourage skipping a step as they are selected based on your skin’s most urgent concern. Step 1 is your foundation which helps prime your skin for the next few steps. Skipping any step may disrupt your skin barrier or reduce the efficacy of the other steps.

The Booster plus is highly recommended as a preventive measure, or a supplement to enhance your skin and maintain healthy skin. So, it can be used together with any step of your Flawless Skin Course. Get yours here

What is the difference between the Soothing & Hydrating, Glowing & Hydrating and Super Hydrating boosters?

Super Hydrating is a booster concentrate for those looking for intense hydration or those who have dry skin. Formulated with Prebiotic Skincare Technology, Super Hydrating features Exo-H™ that helps improves the skin hydration by 37% after 6 hours*

Whereas Glowing & Hydrating Booster and Soothing & Hydrating Booster are for those looking for both moderate hydration and glow or skin soothing properties.

*based on raw material supplier clinical study data


We are here to enhance your skincare experience, if you feel that your booster routine is not delivering the results you want to see, reach out to us for a more updated routine personalized just for you. You may switch out your Booster or Moisturizer depending on your skin goals!

If you would like to make changes to your subscription please reach out to us ( your name and order number and we’ll take care of the rest.


If you would like to make changes to your subscription please reach out to us ( your name and order number and we’ll take care of the rest.


How can one recycle, upcycle snowperk products?

More than just having clean, multi-functioning and high efficacy ingredients, snowperk® ensures that our ingredients are sustainable, in their production, sourcing and their end of life.

Betaine Extract – It has a low carbon footprint and low energy output. Extracted from a natural plant origin from Finland, non-GMO sugar beet root extract, our Betaine is a renewable and clean raw material source.

Propanediol – A petroleum-free, skin-friendly alternative and 100% natural derived*. Made from the fermentation of glucose, a sustainable and renewable resource. Enhanced moisturization and Improved softness and smoothness in every snowperk® product.

Saccharide Isomerate/ Kernel Corn Extract – 100% sustainable process due to the use of a sophisticated Sugar Isomerisation Technology. PLUS, this ingredient has super low carbon emissions – One of the lowest in the industry*! Low water footprint due to its sugar-based origins!

*For a moisturising ingredient

Social Impact

Social Impact

snowperk® stands for fair trade. We carefully select ingredients that have good social impact. We seek to have full visibility over our supply chain and advocate that our suppliers do the same. We want to empower communities as well as individuals be it in their inner beauty or their livelihoods.

Over 750 local families from 26 villages in Turkey help cultivate and harvest these rose bushes using trusted and traditional methods. To support these local communities, they are provided with pre-financing aid so that they will receive stable and consistent income throughout the year. These local families are also offered education and technical support to ensure that they receive the best farming and harvesting practices. *

*based on ingredient supplier information

Saccharide Isomerate/ Kernel Corn Extract
The manufacturing site sponsors special projects within the community, often supporting exciting sporting events for persons with disabilities.

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