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Have you heard of airless packaging? As with anything you put into or onto your body, purity is essential. In an ideal world, we would love to bottle our pure forms of vitamins and antioxidants and transplant directly onto your skin as we understand that this would give you the best chance of achieving the best results. Unfortunately, this is not possible as raw ingredients degrade in efficacy over very short time frames, especially when air is allowed to come in contact with the formulation.



We have invested in airless packaging across the snowperk moisturiser range. This prevents air from contaminating the formulations so that it is delivered to your skin in its most potent form. Our jars are also insulated from temperature by a double walled internal mechanism that protects the formulations from variations in temperature.



What is airless packaging?


The name itself gives a pretty clear indication; it is packaging that dispenses contents without exposure to air. Airless packaging relies on a non-pressurized vacuum pump system to dispense contents. The contents of the jar or pump do not come into contact with the air until the moment you dispense the product. Each push of the dispensing cap causes a small disc in the bottom of the package to be pushed upwards by air; air which never comes into contact with the product.


Most packaging that you’ll find in the market for skincare is definitely not airless. Think of the fancy glass jars that, when you unscrew the lid, the contents are clearly visible, awaiting your finger to dive in and scoop out a dollop of lotion or cream. The look is undeniably beautiful, but as we’ll explore below, this is not an advisable way to store and preserve your favourite skincare product.


Benefits to use airless packaging for skincare


Benefit 1 – preserving antioxidants


One of the core reasons that airless packaging is necessary for skin care is the preservation of antioxidants. Powerful antioxidants, helps to reduce the damage to skin cells caused by free radicals in your body.


However, antioxidants begin to break down the moment they are exposed to air and light through the process of oxidation. Think of an apple turning brown shortly after you cut into it; the same process of degradation begins as soon as antioxidants are exposed to the air, diminishing their ability to fight free radicals.


Benefit 2 – preventing contamination


Bacterial, fungi, and yeast growth in skin care products is concerning considering the health dangers it can pose. Any reputable skincare line should be using preservatives of some kind to defend their products against bacterial growth. However repeatedly exposing your skincare products to contaminants in the air, exposure to light, and direct contact with your fingers is opening the door to the growth of unwanted organisms.


The FDA has specifically named poor protective packaging and contamination by dipping fingers into products as key factors in promoting bacterial growth in cosmetics.


Herein lies another great fact about airless packaging; you only touch the product you are directly applying to your body. The main contents remain sealed in the airtight chamber until the next pump. By eliminating contact with the product and reducing exposure to air and light, the potential for bacterial growth is reduced by over 90% in airless packaging vs. packaging exposed to air, light, and direct touch.

Benefit 3 – extending shelf life


Keeping your skincare products away from air and sunlight can help preserve antioxidants and reduce contamination. This helps to extend the shelf life products, allowing you to keep it longer without the risk of losing efficacy.


Additionally, the protection from air and light helps to keep skincare products stable. Most lotions and creams are a combination of water and oil brought together by an emulsifier. Light, air, heat, and other environmental variables can cause the emulsification to break down over time, impacting the usability of the product.


Our airless packaging helps keep snowperk products shelf life stable.


Benefit 4 – reliable dispensing


Getting the right amount of product out of your skin care packaging can be challenging. Over-eager fingers can take out too much product at once. And putting the product back after increases risk of contamination. Or squeezing too much from a dispensing bottle can lead to lost dollars on wasted product.


But airless packaging dispenses a reliable amount each time it is depressed so you can be sure you have the right amount for your needs. And if your container ends up upside down in your purse or laying on its side in a bathroom cabinet, no worries! The vacuum pump action defies gravity, making sure product is dispensed at any angle.


Benefit 5 – no product waste


Finally, airless packaging is great when it comes to not wasting a single gram of product. Everyone knows skin care can be expensive. So there is nothing more frustrating to seeing product lining the sides of a dispensing container, unreachable and unable to be used.

With airless packaging, you never need to worry about waste. The disc that pushes the product up from the bottom has an airtight seal along the edges, scraping every last bit of product up along the way. Over the course of a year, using airless packaging could help save you hundreds on your self-care products.


Benefit 6 – easy and convenient


Snowperk moisturisers with an airless pump have a 360-degree dispensing radius, so they can be used at any position. Whether they are on their side, right side up, or upside down, the vacuum action of the dispenser allows the product to pump without any issue. This not only makes bottles fast and easy to use. It means they can be stored anywhere, which makes them convenient for buyers and sellers.


Airless packaging is a must have for moisturisers


Investing money in self-care, especially when it comes to protecting and repairing your skin, is money well spent. But make sure your money is going to companies that invest in the actual effectiveness and quality of the product, as well as packaging that works to protect its effectiveness


This is why we’ve selected airless packaging to ensure the antioxidants are preserved and to provide our customers with the absolute best results when using our moisturiser products.


Reap the Benefits of Airless Pump Technology with snowperk


snowperk is not just committed to providing you personalized skin care that meets your specific needs. We offer safe product packaging you can trust. Shop our line of tailored products in airless pump bottles, discover how to know your skin type with our simple skincare ID quiz, and find a skincare routine that’s right for you.

Shop our line of airless jar moisturisers and safely packaged skincare items today!


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