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Find out what’s so great about having a minimalist formula.

A Growing Trend for A Minimalist Skincare Routine

Do you often ask yourself “Why are there so many steps in my beauty routine? Is there a way for it to be simpler?”

Yes! In fact, choosing skin care made with minimal ingredients gives your skin utmost joy!

A common issue with so many skincare lovers is that they have over-complicated skincare routines. The use of multiple products often leaves the skin irritated and dry.

Let’s practice beauty minimalism.

Go for products that utilize fewer and gentler ingredients and avoid products which have harsh chemicals in their formulation. Be kinder to your skin, reduce sensitization and improve your skin health – simply and naturally.

The Excessive Multi-Step Routine

With a myriad of skincare products offered online and in-stores, we have become accustomed to over-cleansing, over-exfoliating and overindulging our skin with too many active ingredients.

What we do not realise is that all this excessive skin care is stripping away our delicate skin barrier, leaving our skin dehydrated and easily prone to damage.

This is especially so if your skin type is dry or highly sensitive. This often the case with layering skincare over each other causes skin sensitivity and irritation

The Advantages of a Minimalist formula

The benefit of having a minimalist formula with only a handful of ingredients is that the active ingredients in the skincare formula can be kept fresher and more concentrated.

Having lesser chemicals allows the actives to deliver at a higher efficacy and with much stronger results. This is why we emphasize on keeping our ingredients to a minimum.

We want to provide maximum results through product potency and quick absorption into your skin.

Furthermore, incorporating lesser compounds means our product can incorporate more super concentrates to provide your skin with top quality results in a short period, while still being gentle to your skin.

Get more with less with snowperk®.

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