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personalised skincare for your skin type


Are you wondering why my skincare products do not work on my skin? Will my skin turn red, or feel itchy using new products?  Without truly knowing your skin type, you may end up using the wrong types of skin care products.

What is the importance of knowing your unique skin type?


Knowing your skin type and selecting the finest skin care regimen that meets your specific needs are the first steps to having beautiful and glowing skin.


Do you know our skin is beyond just 5 skin types? There are 16 skin types that were studied and developed by a top tier dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann.


different skin types


Determining where you fall in each of these factors serves as the foundation for identifying your skin type.


Does your skin type change over time?


Everyone has a skin type but not everyone has skin concerns. In short, your skin type is what you were born with. A skin concern is something that develops as a direct result of something, this could be hormonal, illness, lifestyle etc.


That’s why it is important that you regularly update your skincare routine because your skin type may change over time.


Factors like environmental pollution, makeup products, hormones, weather and medications can contribute to skin type changing.



Some other internal factors that could affect your skin condition are connected to your lifestyle. Things like your stress level, your sleeping hours, how much you exercise can also affect your skin type changing.


“Personalized routine is not about Abundance, it is about Specialisation”


Snowperk recommends using clinically effective ingredients dosed at optimal amounts.


Based on many years of research and market survey, the founder noticed lots of skincare products contain too many actives and some of them only added at as low as below 1% level.  Or some actives are too strong that cause skin itchy or redness.


“Personalised routine is not about abundance, it is about specialisation.”, this is the philosophy behind snowperk personlised routine.  


The 2-3 month personalised routine focus on one skin concern each month for best efficacy. 


Each routine consists of 2 boosters with concentrated single actives paired with 1 moisturiser.


After taking the 1-min on-line skin quiz, here’s a personalised skincare routine example from snowperk for people with Dry, sensitive, pigment and wrinkle-prone skin concern.


skincare routine based on your skin type 


Clarifying radiance set(D) for the 1st month


Your dry skin type indicates that you have an impaired skin barrier.  This means you maybe intolerant to fragrance and harsh ingredients.


 A Clarifying radiance set(D)  is made to strengthen your skin’s foundation by replenishing skin’s moisture level and improves skin renewal.


You will not absorb the concentrated actives best if you skip strengthen your skin’s foundation. 



Illuminating radiance set for the 2nd month


To immediately address your pigmented skin, this set consists of patented natural ingredients like Damask rose to soothe, reduce dark spots and instantly brighten skin from within.



Double lift and Protect set (D) for the 3rd month


This set focuses on your next skin concern wrinkle-prone to intensely hydrate the skin, treatment and prevention of wrinkles.


So following this order of applying your personalised routine, you will see immediate and long lasting result.


Clinically effective mild Active that can work on your skin type


Once you know your skin type and skin concern, it is important to choose the right ingredients that works on your skin without side effect.


Look for products with these ingredients and you will be one step closer to achieving a youthful, healthy glow.


  • Exo-T, a natural Ferment filtrate from French Polynesia, volcanic islands and atolls located in the eastern South Pacific. This ingredient is suitable for pigmented skin, sensitive skin and dull skin.


     It is a natural alternative to Retinol to rejuvenate skin as Retinol is not suitable for sensitive skin. It is clinically proven to improve the cell renewal process and protects skin collagen network.


  • Red Clover Flower, from Australian rain forest, a super-star ingredient for combination skin, sensitive skin, large pores and white heads removal. It has long been used to treat irritating skin conditions like eczema and rashes.

     Mild alternative to Salicylic acid on minimizing pores. Skin is more smoothed, which leads to an even skin complexion with this ingredient.



Once you learn what ingredients go best for your skin type, it makes taking care of it easier!



What’s the most trusted personalised skincare brand for your skin type?


Many skincare brands in the market have put lots of actives, and some of which your skin may not need as they do not know your unique skin type.


Snowperk recommends personalised routine based on a skin-type quiz that is validated by a top dermatologist.


Pore Minimising Booster


A Booster that’s made to apply to your skin after cleansing and toning.


This Pore Minimising Booster contains 3% red clover flower, that minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and also helps to regulate sebum production as early as 15 days.


Skin Brightening Booster


A booster is powered by 2% Exo-T, Ferment Filtrate from French Polynesia that improves skin renewal which is more effective than retinoic acid.


The texture is water-based and light weight, so it easily absorbs into your skin.


Balancing Moisturiser Gel-cream


Lastly applying this light weight gel-cream, which contains ?% ????? ???? ???? from Finland.


With a small molecular weight, the naturally moisturising ingredient helps balance the water level inside and outside of skin cells, leaving a protective silky layer on your skin.


Just add 2-3 drops of the boosters and mix it with the moisturizer and let the actives absorb deeply into your skin to achieve the glowing-smooth skin you’ve always wanted!



A personalised routine that is better for your skin type and busy lifestyle



snowperk Ambassador Netty, a working mom from Singapore has always been concerned with her sensitive skin, large pores and skin texture.


She’s hoping to find a simple skincare routine that doesn’t take up too much time and also takes good care of her skin.


Until she met snowperk skincare. Netty loves the result of her personalised skincare routine.


She uses the Intense Hydration set which includes Balancing Moisturiser Gel-cream, Pore Minimising Booster and Super Hydrating Booster.


She loves how this simple two-step routine leaves her skin fresh, soft and hydrated. Very convenient and less hassle for a busy working mom like her.


After using the products for 14 days, she found her skin is less only and the skin texture is more refined.


netty's skin type changed


“Love my Poreless skin and even skin texture now!” Netty said.


Watch her video on what (and how) she uses snowperk everyday for naturally radiant skin.



Netty said, “I super love snowperk Boosters! It contains no fragrance & no colourant, natural and mild for my skin! ”



All you need is the right products for your skin type. You too can shorten your skincare routine by taking snowperk’s 1-min online quiz. Uncover your skin type and start using the right products for your skin!


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