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Best Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin
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Choose Non-Comedogenic and Gel-Cream Moisturisers

For those with an Oily or Slightly Oily Skin Type, your skincare routine should include an Non-Comedogenic and lightweight moisturiser to balance and control your oil production.

Apply when your skin feels tight, especially if you are always in low humidity conditions such as in an air-conditioned office.

These gel-cream moisturisers contain lower level of oils which will not make you feel heavy but still offer the required amount of hydration your skin needs.

Look for products that contains non-comedogenic ingredients. However, watch out for Isopropyl Myristate has higher comedogenic score which should be avoided for oily skin.

Humectant incorporated at proven efficacy level helps ensure that your skin can be sufficiently hydrated without being too heavy on your oily skin.

personalised skincare, snowperk, moisturizerLayering with Instant Hydrating and 24-Hour Strengthening Moisturiser

Minimally formulated, our snowperk Balancing Moisturiser Gel-Cream allows personalisation with different powerful actives for a more focused targeting to your specific skin concern

Tested by consumers to be fast absorbing: 81% and lightweight with non-greasy feel: 85%, the snowperk Balancing Moisturiser Gel-Cream is perfect for those looking for a moisturiser that does not weigh down the skin and is quick to apply.

In just 14 days, 80% of the consumers agree that their skin is moisturised and does not feel greasy.

76% also agree that their skin looks more radiant and smoother.

24 hour skin-strengthening moisturisation allows you to feel comfortable whether you work in air-conditioned environment or under the sun the entire day.


Compared to a popular favorite in skincare moisturisers, snowperk shows comparable sensory performance with the leading brand!

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Another benefit of using snowperk Balancing Moisturizer Gel-Cream is the unique airless pump packaging.

Specially designed to keep the ingredients fresh and protects the formula from external factors such as dust and dirt. The airless pump packaging guarantees your safety and hygiene during application especially during this COVID-19 period.

Layering With The Right Sunscreen

For the day, pick a moisturiser and sunscreen.

As most sunscreens are formulated in an oil base, it can make your skin look shiny.

Instead, look for a lightweight gel or spray type.

Apply sunscreen each morning, even if you are staying indoors for the day. Don’t think that staying indoors protects you from UV rays.

UVA can easily penetrate through windows into buildings, cars and airplanes.


The importance of layering the right moisturiser

There is scientific evidence behind the importance of “layering ingredients?

We took a look at some studies on the active Vitamin C by Dr Sheldon Pinnell.

His research showed that when the skin is at a pH of between 2 – 2.5, it greatly increases the absorption of Vitamin C.

However, because this is on the acidic side of the scale, people with sensitive or reactive skin might notice stinging when applying Vitamin C moisturisers or serums.

The pH of your skincare products can play a major role in not only their effectiveness but also how well they interact with your skin.

So, don’t just select your moisturiser based on the benefits, you must also consider the way the ingredients react when you apply them in your skincare routine.

snowperk moisturisers are formulated at a low pH around 5-6 which is close to skin’s natural pH, therefore it is safe and effective for all skin types even sensitive skin.

Curious to learn more on how to pick the right moisturiser for your skin? Read on!

Skin Health is the absence of the 4 main barriers to healthy skin which are:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Inflammation
  3. Disordered pigmentation and
  4. Inactive fibroblast and keratinocytes.

The definition of skin health is the same across all skin barriers. A validated questionnaire determines which of these barriers to skin health are present and assigns a snowperk iD Skin type. The 3 min questionnaire has been scientifically validated.

If you are currently struggling with your skincare and would like some advice on what best works for your skin, we are always here to help. snowperk iD™ offers personalized recommendations to optimize your skincare day and night routine, as well as insights into your skin type and condition.

Get your personalized skin assessment here:

About the Editorial Team

The snowperk Editorial Team has deep knowledge in cosmetic science and skincare. We are passionate about uncovering the optimal skincare routine to unlock long lasting skin health and youthful radiance. The Editorial Lead holds a certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science from Institute of Personal Care Science (world-leading education institution) and Diploma of Personal Care Development and Promotion.</p> <p>Our founders have over 20 years of experience in multi-national corporations in the personal care industry, with strong R&D background in formulation and packaging. Our founders believe that all women can achieve the skin of their dreams with the right personalised skincare that is backed with innovation and science.

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