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On your Sensitive Skin

Dermatologists define the term skin barrier as the skin’s ability to hold water and keep out allergens, irritants and microbes.

A proper function of this skin barrier is a vital aspect of your skin’s overall health and appearance. Genetic defects, aging, stress, medications and environmental issues such as UV light, pollution can all contribute to the damage of your skin barrier.

Here is what your skin barrier looks like underneath.

Your skin barrier is your skin’s protective shield:

dry skin, snowperkid, snowperk, skin barrier, sensitive skinCorneocytes are the skin cells in uppermost layer of skin. If there is tight junction of skin cells, the skin barrier is healthy and gives smooth complexion.

  1. A healthy skin barrier prevents water from quickly evaporating from your skin which may cause dehydration and dryness.
  2. A healthy skin barrier keeps allergens, irritants and bacteria from being able to penetrate into your skin

When the skin barrier is impaired, it is unable to hold onto water and trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) occurs.

Additionally, pathogens can easily enter your skin, often leading to skin inflammatory problems. Eczema, is one of the most common skin concerns related to an improper skin barrier function.


Choosing the right skin care products or switching to a minimal skincare routine can help to alleviate your skin problems.

Your skin’s future is up to you.

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Protect your skin and it will protect you.

If you are currently struggling with your skincare and would like some advice on what best works for your skin, we are always here to help. snowperk iD™ offers personalized recommendations to optimize your skincare day and night routine, as well as insights into your skin type and condition.

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About the Editorial Team

The snowperk Editorial Team has deep knowledge in cosmetic science and skincare. We are passionate about uncovering the optimal skincare routine to unlock long lasting skin health and youthful radiance. The Editorial Lead holds a certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science from Institute of Personal Care Science (world-leading education institution) and Diploma of Personal Care Development and Promotion.</p> <p>Our founders have over 20 years of experience in multi-national corporations in the personal care industry, with strong R&D background in formulation and packaging. Our founders believe that all women can achieve the skin of their dreams with the right personalised skincare that is backed with innovation and science.

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