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routine for oily and acne-prone skin,snowperk

Snowperk Ambassador Wenxin is a mother of 2 with a 5 year old boy and 7 year old girl, and working in the healthcare sector. Looking for a personalised skincare routine for acne, resulting in a natural beauty look.


Her skin type is actually T-zone oily and then the sides are sensitive and dry. She was trying countless products to curb her hormonal acne and mask acne over her chin area.


Before Wenxin using snowperk products, she was having very bad outbreak, especially where she wears a mask, and before her menses.


I kept buying products to try and then I got very frustrated until one day I googled online looking for water-soluble serums, and snowperk products popped out,” She said.


Watch how she overcomes her skin problem using personalised skin care by snowperk.

Skin Type Assessment

Wenxin met Christine, the founder of snowperk, who walked her through the personalised skincare journey. She started taking the skin type quiz to reveal her skin type.


The snowperk ID (skin type) test is a dermatologist validated skin type assessment assessing an individual’s lifestyle, skincare habit, and environmental impact.


“Singapore weather is very hot and humid. So I’m pretty sure that the formula that she formulated definitely suits our Singapore weather,” she says.


The founder Christine is passionate about personalised formulas, and hand-picked purest natural ingredients due to their gentleness to the skin and their environmental sustainability.


It has infused with over 95% naturally derived ingredients, while still is non-greasy to make snowperk different from others.


Enhancing Skin Barrier with Skincare Routine for Acne


After assessing her skin type, Wenxin started using the product for the first month.


The first month of her personalised skin care routine is all about repairing her skin barrier before enhancing other things.


Why? Because highly concentrated actives will not work well if you do not have a strong skin barrier and balanced skin sebum, based on the founder’s advice.


Wenxin says, “I like snowperk’s skin care products because they are safe, toxic free and what I like most are the boosters because they are mostly soluble, so it does not clog up my skin.”


snowperk’s Boosters are a much more concentrated selection of ingredients which are designed to treat specific concerns.

If you have stubborn skin concerns, we always recommend boosters as they have a narrower focus and contain a higher amount of the natural actives to help with the treatment.


In this way, boosters are beyond serum with superpowers, you can use just boosters without using the serum and essence.


Visible Skin Glow-up with Skincare Routine for Acne

“After using it for one month, I can see that my skin has improved and therefore I start ordering for another set and from then I am now on Snowperk’s subscription plan,” Wenxin says.


How Wenxin Apply the Natural Skincare Routine for Acne


Wenxin, started her skincare routine by getting 1 pump amount of snowperk’s Revitalising Moisturizer Cream.


tips for acne-prone skin,snowperk


Snowperk’s Revitalising Moisturiser Cream contains purified sugar Beet Root Extract, a moisturising natural osmolyte that acts like a protection, a small amino acid derivative that strengthens the skin barrier.


The formulation is soft textured, smooth and fast absorbing. Wenxin enjoys mixing the booster and moisturiser as it helps the product penetrate deeper skin layers for fast results.


Wenxin appreciates the airless pump cream, and demonstrates how cleanly the cream comes out of the vacuum sealed jar.


You won’t need double dipping, snowperk Moisturisers are the ultimate defence against dust and dirt, while offering supreme 24 hour hydration, all day.

2. Pore minimising booster – her favourite skincare routine for acne

After getting an ample amount of Revitalising moisturiser cream, she mixes it with 3 drops of snowperk’s Pore minimizer Booster and applies it directly on her skin. Gently pat products onto the face until fully absorbed.


tips for oily skin type,snowperk


Wenxin appreciates snowperk’s Pore minimizer Booster with 100% natural derived ingredients.


It features Miniporyl™, a fresh and concentrated Red Clover Flower extract, clinically proven to reduce sebum rate by 17% and reduces the appearance of pore size for a refined skin in only 15 days.


She also likes the OiLESS’city™, a purified extract from Lemon Myrtle that is an urban multi-ethnicity sebum regulator.

“Just Natural Look”

Wenxin says, “I can have good skin throughout the day without having to put makeup.”


snowperk products have a minimalist formula with less than 12 ingredients to gently clear and nourish your skin.


Personalised skincare routine contains natural emollients, humectants and precious plant extracts to provide you a natural beauty look.


She has actually been using it everyday, sometimes up to twice a day to actually help her prevent any acne outbreak.


“After using Intense Hydration Set for 1st month, I can see that my skin has improved, and therefore, I begin to start ordering for 2nd month and 3rd month set. And then from then on, I am on snowperk subscription plan.” Wenxin says.



Wenxin loves snowperk for rediscovering her confidence philosophy and inspired by nature.


What do you think of Wenxin natural skin care glow up? Want to control hormonal acne and mask acne safely and effectively like Wenxin?


Just start your natural personalised skin care routine by taking this online quiz (just 1 min) and uncover your skin type to get to know the perfect routine that fits your skin type.

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