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Combination skin is one of the most common skin types in the world. However, finding the right skincare – especially serums for combination skin can be tricky. Having a combination skin type means your skin is both oily in some areas and dry in others, choosing the right skincare that works will also depend on your skin concern and skin type.

Everyone’s skin is different – even for combination skin! Many face serums for combination skin contain different ingredients that can aid or break your skin. Which is why it is so important to understand your skin needs and the underlying skin issues to find the products that work best for you. 

Read on for some of the best face serums in Singapore to add to your routine today!


Key Takeaways

  • Knowing your skin type and skin concern is an important step to understand which face serums for combination skin work best.
  • Identify the factors that may indicate that you have a combination skin type
  • Discover the best face serums in Singapore that help combat combination skin
  • Always adjust your skincare routine to suit your needs and lifestyle to help your combination skin


Know Your Skin ID

The first step to finding the right skincare for your unique skin needs, you must first know what those needs are.

You may be familiar with the four main skin types:

  • Normal Skin: Well-balanced with small pores, smooth texture, healthy circulation, and isn’t overly sensitive. 
  • Dry Skin: Doesn’t have the lipids required to keep moisture in, so it loses hydration through sweat and natural diffusion. 
  • Oily Skin: Produces an abundance of sebum through large pores and is more prone to breakouts.
  • Combination Skin: The nose, forehead, and chin (T-zone) are oily while the cheeks are normal to dry.

However, your skin is not just limited to these 4 types! According to the Baumann Skin Type classification system, there are a further of 16 skin types which is measured based on the four barriers of our skin:

  • Dehydration: oiliness vs. dryness
  • Inflammation: resistance vs. sensitivity
  • Pigmentation: pigmentation vs. non-pigmentation
  • Wrinkles: tightness vs. wrinkling 

These 8 factors play a crucial role in determining your skin iD and creating the right skincare routine for combination skin. If you are not sure whether you have combination skin, take this 1 min skin analysis quiz to help you determine your specific skin care needs and recommend you the right serums for combination skin. 


Understanding What is Combination Skin

To put it simply, combination skin is when your face has two major skin types going on: oily and dry skin. 

Combination skin is most often recognized by consistent oiliness on your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and consistent dryness on your cheeks and other areas. These two skin types require special, personalised treatment. Using a serum meant for oily skin can irritate the dry areas of your face, while a serum that is meant for dry skin will further aggravate your oily skin, potentially leading to acne breakouts. 

Here are some factors that you might experience if you have combination skin:

    • Pores appear larger: When pores are blocked by dead skin cells, the sebum that is being overproduced by sebaceous glands beneath the skin build-up and enlarge pores.
    • Skin is shiny: Excess sebum creates a shine, usually on the T-zone.
  • Other areas are red and sensitive: Dry skin often causes sensitivity in terms of redness, flaky and rough skin or even irritation to skin care ingredients
  • Blackheads and whiteheads are prevalent: Trapped oil mixes with dirt and dead skin cells to create a blockage.
  • Breakouts and dry patches occur simultaneously: Since you’re dealing with two skin types at once, the dry areas of your skin become flaky while the oily parts of your skin can experience acne issues.

To keep skin healthy, balanced, and youthful, it’s important to identify products that are specially designed for combination skin.



5 Features to Look For in Face Serums for Combination Skin


1. Balance Out Oily Skin with Natural Derived Ingredients

When your skin produces too much sebum, oil gets trapped in your pores. This results in acne. With combination skin, you have to constantly find a balance. The best face serums in Singapore should offer enough hydration for your dry areas yet not over supplying moisture to the oily areas.

Natural Ingredients such as Ferment Filtrate can help balance out your skin’s double requirements. Targeting your skin’s microbiome, this award winning serum for combination skin boasts concentrated actives and long lasting hydration without giving any oily or sticky feeling after. 

snowperk Super Hydrating Booster - Best face serum in Singapore | Serums for Combination Skin

Here is what one customer had to say after using this serum for combination skin featuring Ferment Filtrate: 

“It (snowperk Skin Protection Booster) gives my skin just the right amount of  moisture that my skin craves! It also doesn’t leave any oily or sticky texture on my face”

  • Insaneicecube22, 31

Skin Type: Combination

Skin Concern: Acne, Scarring, Large Pores


Shop Best Face Serums in Singapore : snowperk Super Hydrating Booster

  1. Serums for Combination Skin that have No Fragrance & No Colourants 

Due to changes in our environment or lifestyle, our skin type may change. A 2019 study found that between 60% and 70% of the population worldwide report they have some degree of skin sensitivity. Those with combination skin may find this more true as there will be days where you notice more breakouts and pimples as your skin type leans more toward an oily skin type. And other days where you notice more flaky skin and redness as it becomes more of a dry skin type. 

Protect your skin from abrupt changes in the environment with gentler products. Keep an eye out for serums for combination skin with zero fragrance and colourants are a great start to balancing out your skin’s ecosystem. 

Let’s face it. If you have combination skin, you most likely have to trade your acne concerns for gentle skincare or have to use harhser acids to tackle your acne, disrupting your skin’s microbiome in the process.

You do not need to do that!

snowperk Pore Minimizing Booster - Best face serum in Singapore | Serums for Combination Skin

Balance out moisture and sebum on your combination skin with this pore minimizer. Packed with 2 super actives – Lemon Myrtle Extract and Red Clover Flower Extract it reduces sebum production without leaving the skin dry! Not forgetting that this Pore Minimsing Booster is formulated without fragrance and colourants, your acne-prone, combination skin will soak up the goodness and thank you for it!

Many women love the serums for combination skin  as it leaves their skin moisturised and does not have a greasy or sticky after feel!


Shop Best Face Serums in Singapore : snowperk Pore Minimising booster

  1. Well Balanced pH Formulation

We all have days when we see a stubborn pimple that does not seem to calm down. Acne scarring can be severe if not taken care of. 

snowperk Skin soothing & Hydrating Booster - Best face serum in Singapore | Serums for Combination Skin


With a skin neutral pH of 4.5 to 5.0, this active ingredient – Canadian Willowherb is often used as a traditional salve for anti-irritant and a natural soothing agent for combination and sensitive skin!

This is because the Canadian Willowherb has been clinically proven to inhibit the growth of the main bacteria responsible for inflamed acne breakouts – Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes). 

Consumers who tried out this serums for combination skin experienced a reduction in blemishes and their skin is clearer in just 4 weeks. Consumers agree that their pimples on face and acne scars are less visible for a mattified, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

Shop Best Face Serums in Singapore : snowperk Skin Soothing & Hydrating Booster

  1. Choose Clinically Proven Results 

Have you ever spent several hundreds on a popular serum that everyone was hyping about?

Only to find that the results are not what you expected, leaving you disappointed.

Stop following skincare trends and start choosing skincare products that are clinically proven! Support brands that spend research and tests on their products. 

We fully test our products on skincare enthusiasts who give us feedback to help us refine our formulas.

For instance, in July 2020, we conducted a study using our Soothing & Hydrating Booster. Twenty-five Asian women tried this serums for combination skin . After 14 days, most saw visible improvement in their complexion, noticing a beautiful glow. Seventy-five percent said they were satisfied with this face serum so much that it is one of the best face serums in Singapore! 

Any products we produce in the future will also go through a rigorous testing cycle. We will make sure they contain natural, healthy, non-toxic ingredients – and that they actually work.

Learn more about what Clinically Proven, Clean Beauty means to us.

  1. Personalise Your Routine to Your Skin Type/ Skin Concern

Just because your skin type is combination does not mean every routine works for you. You just have to find the right serums for combination skin! snowperk is here to guide you on building the right skincare routine with the best face serums in Singapore. We offer FREE one on one, personalised consultation just for you lovely readers. 

Sign up here

It’s always a good idea to treat your skin kindly when figuring out your skincare routine for combination skin. Go for gentle products that can moisturize dry areas without creating more oiliness. And only apply treatments to the needed areas for specific issues. Ensure that your routine does not have products that overlap such as putting acids and retinol together. As this can severely dry and damage your skin.


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Build a Personalised Skin Care Routine with snowperk 

Combination skin requires special attention and care to maintain the right balance of the skin’s moisture and oil. Snowperk’s personalized product line have some of the best face serums in Singapore that can help you find the right products to meet your specific skin care needs. We can show you how to know your skin type and guide you in choosing the right cleansers for combination skin. 

Our skin iD test will uncover your skin type and offer you a fully personalised routine with detailed information on which ingredients your skin needs. 

What’s more – these products are developed and made right here in Singapore to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety. 

Find the right face serums in Singapore for your combination skin today!

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