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Although oily skin is one of the most common skin IDs (type and concern), it is also one of the most difficult to manage. Oily skin tends to be a concern for everyone. Excess oil on your face can lead to clogged pores, acne, and other blemishes. To help get rid of oily skin and keep it looking fresh throughout the day, you need to commit to an oil-busting night time skincare routine for oily skin.


What is Oily Skin?

The truth is, everyone has oily skin to some degree. Natural oil production (sebum) is necessary to maintain skin’s moisture and elasticity. Your skin’s level of oil production is what determines your skin type.

There are four main types of healthy skin:

  • Normal: This skin has the perfect level of oils to create even, smooth skin.
  • Dry: This skin doesn’t have enough oil so it loses moisture.
  • Oily: An overproduction of oil leaves skin looking shiny and feeling greasy.
  • Combination: Some areas produce too much oil while others produce too little.

Oily skin type is typically identified by large pores, especially noticeable on the forehead, nose, and chin (T-zone). Skin feels thicker, and the excessive amounts of sebum tend to result in pimples, blackheads, and other acne issues. Women have trouble with makeup lasting through the day, and skin has a constant sheen. Correctly identifying your skin ID can help guide you in creating a skincare routine that addresses the needs of your particular issues.

Causes of Oily Skin

Beneath the skin’s surface lies sebaceous glands, whose sole purpose is to produce sebum. Sebum, which is essential for lubricating the skin and protecting it from dryness and irritation, is secreted through the skin’s pores. Some people have overactive sebaceous glands, which produce an excessive amount of sebum. This leads to skin that has too much oil, resulting in an oily skin type.

There are numerous reasons your sebaceous glands may overproduce sebum. Oily skin is usually genetic, but it can also be affected by hormonal imbalances. People going through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can all see an increase in sebum production. Oily skin can also be a result of diet, cosmetics, and even some medications.


Understanding oily skin helps you know how to hydrate skin properly. Armed with this information, you can create an individualized skincare routine that includes a moisturizer that meets the needs of your specific skin.


Simple And Easy Night Time Skin Routine for Oily Skin To Follow

Dirt and impurities can build up on the surface of your skin during the day, so make sure to thoroughly wash your face at night. Your pores will thank you in the morning! Caring for oily skin before bed doesn’t have to be difficult though. To help keep excess oil in check, follow this easy night time skincare routine for oily skin. Whether you have oily skin or it’s the weather that’s changed your skin, with the right skin care products you can keep oiliness at bay and improve your skin’s overall health.


  1. Remove Makeup With Micellar Water


The first step in your night-time skincare routine should be removing your makeup if you’re wearing any. One easy and gentle way to do so is with micellar water. Micellar water is powered by tiny micelles-oil molecules that act as a magnet to lift dirt, oil, and makeup up and away from the skin. Look for micellar water that is formulated for oily skin.


  1. Use A Facial Cleanser


A night-time cleanser should remove any makeup remnants and natural buildup. Oftentimes, you may find that one round of cleansing isn’t enough – which is why you might want to consider double cleansing as part of your night-time skincare routine for oily skin. Oftentimes, you may find that one round of cleansing isn’t enough-which is why you might want to consider double cleansing as part of your night-time skincare routine for oily skin. You can even choose a clay-based facial cleanser.


  1. Apply A Toner


Toner is an essential part of an oily skin routine because it helps refine your pores. Try a toner with salicylic acid as an active ingredient. Salicylic acid in skincare products helps improve your skin’s overall appearance by gently pushing out dead skin cells, sebum, and other pore-clogging debris. Depending on the oiliness of your skin, you may want to apply toner 1-3 times a day.


  1. Apply A Face Mask


Face masks aren’t only a part of a spa experience, you can also use one a few times a week to take your night-time skincare routine to the next level. Sit down with a calming cup of tea, kick up your feet, and use a clay mask to detox the day away. Once per week, try multi-masking, which is when you apply different masks to different areas of the face.



  1. Finish With Moisturiser with Booster


All skin types need to use a moisturizer and that includes oily skin too. Apply a light, hydrating night cream or lotion to your face and neck as the last step in your nightly skincare routine. Avoid rich, thick creams as they may clog pores. Gel-based moisturizers are often the best option. Evenings are for stronger products, so choose an emollient-rich moisturizer for dry areas.

If you have oily skin, gel-based, lightweight creams can be your suitable choice.



  1. Top It Off With Eye Cream


You really do need a dedicated eye cream in your oily skincare routine. They’re also essential for hydrating that delicate skin area and are a must-have for making you look bright-eyed. Opt for a gel-based one and pat it into the under-eye area with your ring fingers.


Night Time Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin – Balancing Moisture Gel-Cream by snowperk®

An important step is to find products containing ingredients that will help you get soft, supple, younger-looking skin without leaving you with shiny, oily skin that is prone to breakouts.

A good example of a product for oily skin that contains high-quality, healthful ingredients is Balancing Moisture Gel-Cream by snowperk®. There are two reasons why this is a great option for your skin type.

First, the formulation. Instead of applying a heavy lotion, this product is a lightweight gel-cream. It does not feel heavy, like it just lays on the skin. Instead, it quickly absorbs into the skin without feeling greasy. After 14 days of use, the majority of our customers found that this product:

  • Left them with smoother skin (76%)
  • Gave them more radiant-looking skin (76%)
  • Made them feel like their skin was balanced and well-hydrated (80%)

The second reason why this product is ideal for oily skin is one of the key ingredients: purified sugar beet root. This ingredient contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, which helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Beet root also helps strengthen the skin’s barrier so that it is less likely to lose water, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully hydrated.


Find the Right Night Time Skin care Routine for Oily Skin with Snowperk


To maintain your skin’s balance of oil and moisture, combination skin requires special care and attention. It’s important to find the right products that meet your specific needs. With Snowperk’s personalized product line, you’re sure to find the right moisturizers for your combination skin. We can help you determine your skin ID and guide you in developing your perfect skincare routine.


The most important part of your routine is developing one you’ll use consistently. Skincare can’t work after one use; it requires a standard routine that you keep up. If you start a routine and don’t notice immediate results, hold out for about a month. It can take 4-6 weeks to notice an improvement—especially in ingredients like retinol, acids, peptides, and more.

Snowperk skincare routine involves repairing your skin foundation first before addressing your skin concerns to give you result quickly and safely.

This is how unique snowperk products are!  Check our best seller that strengthens your skin foundation – Intense Hydration Set now!

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