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In skincare, facials are the norm — the most basic services a spa or beauty salon can offer.

The question is whether that facial you spring for every so often does more harm than good.

Your face is your most visible feature, and you want it to look as healthy as possible…

But there are some good reasons to think twice before you schedule your next facial.

Key Takeaways

  • Facials can leave your skin irritated and inflamed – especially if your skin isn’t used to the products, ingredients, or tools used.
  • A better way to take care of your skin with longer-lasting results is to follow a normal skincare routine.
  • Normal skincare gives you greater control over the products and ingredients that come in contact with your skin, and will give you more consistent results over time versus a one-off facial.

5 Reasons You Should Rethink Facials and Focus on Normal Skincare

If you think facials could be the magical solution to all your skin woes, think again. If you really want to see results, focus on the products in your skincare routine and the ingredients they contain. Here’s why:

1. Facials Can Irritate Your Skin

The main benefits of facials are threefold: They strip away dead skin cells, unclog pores, and exfoliate your skin.

The problem is that facials often rely on powerful ingredients your skin might not be used to, and powerful techniques and tools that could do more harm than good.

Some commonly-used ingredients in spa facial treatments can cause peeling, redness, and inflammation if used incorrectly, including alpha and beta hydroxy acids, essential oils, and sulfates. In fact, sulfates such as sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) are so irritating, they’re often used as a control in dermatological testing (where other ingredients are applied to the skin and compared to SLS to see if they cause the same levels of irritation).

Woman with skin starting to break

Additionally, over-the-top facial treatments like diamond filing, HydraFacial (which literally uses a vacuum-like tool to suck out the sebum, oil, and dirt clogging your pores), and laser treatments for hyperpigmentation (which use targeted beams of light to resurface the skin) are unnecessarily harsh ways to deal with skin problems you could easily address with daily skincare. Laser treatments in particular may worsen hyperpigmentation instead of helping it.

You can’t always vet the products or tools used during a facial, so if you absolutely must get one done, proceed with caution and carefully research the quality of the facility, technicians, and treatments.


2. Some Ingredients Are More Effective When Applied Regularly

Even if the products used during your facial don’t irritate your skin, the benefits are likely to be few or nonexistent.

Most people get facials too infrequently for the products and ingredients to have a lasting effect.

What’s more effective?

Using high-quality ingredients in your normal skincare routine and applying them daily/nightly.

For example, spas and salons tout chemical peels as holy-grail treatments that will deliver smoother, more radiant skin.

It’s true that exfoliation promotes cell turnover, which can help your skin look smoother and clearer. However, if you never exfoliate with active ingredients beyond a one-time facial, the benefits won’t last. Worse, a one-time exfoliating facial may actually irritate your skin.

What’s more likely to stimulate consistent cell turnover? Taking care of your skin daily and exfoliating regularly. This is especially true if you’re over 30 – the point when natural cell turnover, or desquamation, begins to slow down.

What’s a good ingredient for exfoliating at home? Exo-T, or ferment filtrate, is a natural exfoliant that’s safe to use daily. It promotes cell renewal and a smoother complexion, and is found in snowperk’s Skin Brightening Booster.

3. You Can Get the Same or Better Results at Home

A facial can be beneficial if done correctly, but you can often achieve the same or better results at home.

attractive young woman wrapped with bath towel applying cream mask to face

The key differentiators are the quality of the ingredients you use in your skincare, as well as how frequently you apply them.

Microdermabrasion, for instance, is a popular facial treatment you can get at the spa. However, you can replicate the same results at home with a good scrub that physically exfoliates the skin.

Even more importantly, getting into the habit of taking care of your skin with high-quality products and ingredients will eventually lead to results better than what you’d get from a facial, since they’ll last indefinitely, or as long as you keep using them.

4. High-Quality Service + Safety Aren’t Guaranteed

Not all spas and beauty salons are the same. Some have trained aestheticians and use high-quality ingredients, but some don’t.

Even if you do your research and check reviews, that information can be misleading. The spa or salon can have rigorous standards and qualified, well-trained staff, but that doesn’t mean the treatments are actually effective or provide the claimed results.

Nor can you be 100% sure of the quality of the service or products you’ll get. That means there’s always a chance you could come out of a facial looking worse than when you went in.

Are you willing to take that risk?

5. At-Home Skincare Gives You More Control

Facials aren’t guaranteed to give you any results – unless you’re getting them all the time and investing in the same treatments.

In contrast, your at-home skincare routine gives you an incredible amount of control over the products and ingredients you put on your skin and the results you get. As long as you invest in the right products for your skin type and use them consistently, you’re far more likely to change your skin for the better with a normal routine.

For example, is your skin drier than the Sahara? Invest in products with ingredients that hydrate and strengthen your skin barrier. An ingredient like purified sugar beet root balances hydration both inside and outside skin cells, protecting and providing long-lasting hydration. This essential ingredient is found in snowperk’s Balancing Moisturiser Gel-Cream.

You can learn more about how to know your skin type by checking your snowperk iD to determine which of the 16 skin types you have.

Start Your Skincare Routine Today for Lasting Results

Don’t count on expensive facials to keep your skin looking glowy and youthful. Instead, depend on your skincare routine to get the job done.

The best skin routine starts with the best products and ingredients. Products from snowperk provide science-based solutions to address your most pressing skincare concerns, including acne, dry skin, dullness, oily skin, sensitivity, wrinkles and fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

To get started, check your snowperk iD for how to know your skin type, and get personalized product recommendations based on your unique skin needs.



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