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Is Serum Necessary for Skin Care

What everyone in the beauty community has been raving about

Often the layering of skincare, over-exfoliation and repeated cleansing and/or toning severely disrupts the natural balance of pH and good bacteria on our skin.

This leads to bacterial and fungal skin rashes like eczema, dandruff and acne–just to name a few.

The mindset that ‘more products equal more benefits for the skin’ causes us to add an overabundance of products to our skin. Resulting in the accumulation of products on our skin and eventually destroying our natural skin microbiome.

Hop on the latest beauty trend: Microbiome Skincare

Enter: microbiome skincare.

Where the adding of good bacteria to the skin and investing in gentle products help the skin to maintain its balance.

An essential for all who seeks good skin health in 2020. A close relative of this microbiome movement is prebiotic skincare.

According to Dr. Nussbaum, there is a subtle difference, “Prebiotic skincare typically uses prebiotic elements for a therapeutic effect, while microbiome-friendly products, are more of a gentle or sensitive characteristic that won’t disrupt the microflora.

Microbiome Technology in Precious Skincare

Here at snowperk, we do both.

With Prebiotic Technology, we stimulate the growth of good bacteria to enhance and maintain our skin’s microbiome.

We seek to balance your skin’s eco-system, bringing you stronger skin barrier and improved hydration.

Gone are the traditional approaches where face washes aim to kill or significantly reduce or eradicate bacteria on our skin. Gone are the serums that have little to no impact on our skin’s microbiome.

Now, Microbiome skincare is thought to be the key to enhancing skin appearance – addressing the causes of skin conditions rather than just the symptoms. More formulas are created such that they work together with our microbiome to enhance the natural state of balance, giving you a natural glow from within.

Nowadays more and more skincare products are promoting the many benefits of a balanced skin microbiome. Let’s understand what the healthy bacteria on our skin does!

Our bodies are home to several microbiomes – we have one in our gut, mouth, skin and face – just to name a few!

The microbiomes in these regions are just as unique from one individual to the next. Just like your fingerprints.

There are approximately 1 billion microorganisms with up to 500 different species present on just 1cm2 of skin surface! The types and quantities of these microorganisms depend on the individual’s skin environment (humidity, moisture, sebum), genetic makeup (genetics, age, gender, diet, hygiene) and external environment (climate, pollution,)

A healthy skin microbiome is usually kept in a more acidic environment (pH ~5.0), which helps inhibit the growth of many pathogens. Having a higher pH value may contribute to an impaired skin barrier function, usually seen in people with eczema.

First of all, there are 3 approaches in microbiome skincare products –prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. The more commonly practiced ones are the adding of prebiotics. Here are the differences between these three:

Prebiotics: (feeding the good bacteria)

Ingredients in the form of supplements or foods that help stimulate the growth and/or activity of endogenous beneficial bacteria (good bacteria on your skin) which are beneficial for the skin microbiome.

Several prebiotics with proven clinical efficacy include Oat Kernel Four and Thermal Spring Water

Probiotics: (adding good bacteria)

Probiotics contain living microorganisms that can produce beneficial ingredients on skin or alter the microflora of skin.

Several probiotics with proven clinical efficacy include topical Nitrosomonas eutropha (an organism found in soil)

Postbiotics: (use beneficial bacteria compounds)

Postbiotics are products that contain ingredients produced by probiotic microorganisms that have biologic activity on skin.

The most common type of postbiotics are fermentation by-products, also called ferments, produced by bacteria or yeast.

Why Biodiversity is crucial for healthy skin

Healthy or normal skin harbors an increased diversity of microbial species compared to damaged skin.

Our modern lifestyle has resulted in the loss of a large part of the microbial diversity on our skin. Changes in the normal bacterial diversity can contribute to the development of inflammation or other skin disorders.

PENTAVITIN®, or Saccharide Isomerate, found in our Soothing & Hydrating Booster, Glowing & Hydrating Booster and Super Hydrating Booster are our star players in the probiotic field game.

Containing up to 25% of probiotic technology, these good bacteria in our boosters will help you to achieve a stronger skin barrier and healthier looking skin.

Check them out!

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