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Glowing Skin


If you’re stressed about dull skin, you aren’t alone. According to a 2020 consumer survey of women we conducted at snowperk, 70% of respondents claimed that dull skin was their primary skincare worry. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for lackluster skin. Revamping your skincare routine can help glowing your skin.


Your skin is the largest organ that you have, so you want to take care of it. Glowing skin is typically seen as a sign of health and vitality. Dull or dry skin, on the other hand, can make you feel less than your best.


Here are something that you can implement as part of your beauty and skincare routine. The best part? You probably already have everything you need in your pantry, kitchen, or medicine cabinet.

How to Get Your Glowing Skin:


  1. Understand the interplay between your skin type and skin concern


Your skin goes beyond just the 5 basic categories of oily or dry, normal or sensitive or a bit of both in combination skin.


You skin concern also plays an important role in choosing your skincare. That is why you should always take into consideration BOTH your skin type AND skin concern when selecting your skincare.


Your Skin Type determines which ingredients are beneficial and which ones are harmful to your skin. Some ingredients which may be helpful for one of your skin concerns but might exacerbate another skin problem.


  1. Moisturize properly after washing your face


Moisturize your skin with products that lock in moisture, promote healing, and have antioxidant properties to encourage a glowing, youthful look. Don’t exfoliate your skin when it feels dry, and don’t skip moisturizer just because your face feels oily.


Apply moisturizer to your skin when it’s still wet from a shower or from rinsing your face. This will lock in extra moisture rather than working on a surface level to make your face feel smooth.


  1. Use skincare Boosters


When a moisturizer simply doesn’t feel enough, consider adding a serum to your skincare routine. A skincare booster is made with lightweight, oil-free formulas. These powerful elixirs are brimming with powerful active ingredients and nutrients, which come with anti-aging and hydration benefits. Most serums can be included in your morning and night time beauty routines, just after cleansing and right before moisturizing.



  1. Wear sunscreen daily


Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or above can prevent skin cancer. Keeping your skin shielded from harmful UV rays also guards against photoaging, which is the process of skin aging.

Make sure to apply a product with sunscreen every morning, even on days when it’s raining or the sky is overcast.


  1. Find a cleansing routine that works


You don’t want to rob your skin of moisture by washing it too often, and you don’t want to encourage your pores to produce too much extra oil to compensate for too much washing.

Washing your face after you’ve worked up a sweat, first thing in the morning, and right before bed is typically the sweet spot for healthy skin.


  1. Avoid smoke and second hand smoke


When you expose your skin to cigarette smoke, you’re coating your face with all sorts of chemical toxins. This ups the oxidative stress in your skin cells, leading to prematurely aged skin.

If you smoke, consider your skin as another reason to quit.


  1. Drink more water


Your skin is made up of cells that need water to function well. The connection to drinking water and having healthy skin is still ongoing, but at least one 2015 studyTrusted Source concluded there’s a strong link between drinking more water and having healthier skin.


Aim for at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.


  1. Eat to nourish your skin


Eating a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables will boost the vitamins and antioxidants in your body. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating healthy fats, like fish oils, and staying away from processed foods with lots of preservatives may have a direct connection to healthier looking skin.


  1. Take probiotics


Probiotic supplements may:

  • boost your immune system
  • improve your digestion
  • reduce bloating and inflammation in your digestive tract

According to one 2014 studyTrusted Source, probiotics can contribute to healthy hair and visibly glowing skin, too.


Glowing Skin – Upgrade Your Skincare Routine with snowperk


Snowperk provides science-based skincare solutions designed to help you achieve glowing skin. Our carefully crafted products are designed to hydrate, refresh, and combat environmental and emotional stress. For example, our snowperk® Skin Glowing & Hydrating Booster includes damask rose extract. We also offer many other face serums, lotions, and more.

The first step to getting glowing skin is to know your skin ID. We can then recommend which products best suit your unique needs. Need help figuring out how to know your skin type?

Take our skin type quiz now to get personalized skincare recommendations.

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