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A pretty woman is smiling
A pretty woman is smiling

There are so many skin glowing tips out there. However, not many sites will tell you this – knowing your Skin Type is the most fundamental and often overlooked step to achieve naturally glowing skin.


Once you discover your Skin Type, choosing the right skincare for your skin becomes so much easier. For example, if you happen to have dry, sensitive skin, but you have always been using skincare products which are more suited with oily, resistant skin, you will not see any results from using products.


Your lifestyle, diet and habits all contribute to your skin type. A Stressful lifestyle makes your skin look dull.  How do I choose the right products that will revitalize my skin?  Have I spent much more than I should on these products?  What is the right order of applying my skincare products?


And seriously, what are the skin glowing tips that can deliver real results?


We all want to have natural, glowing skin, because we just love when our selfies look flawless. I know love it when my personalised skincare routine just works perfectly for me!


Roshida Khanom, an Associate Director for Mintel Beauty & Personal Care proclaims,

“Beauty personalisation should allow consumers to express their unique character, while offering clear benefits”


She analyses beauty products across the globe and writes passionate and engaging reports. She shared there has never been a greater need for personalisation in beauty. As consumers begin to realize that a one-size skincare does not fit all, customisation offers a credible solution.


If you follow these skin glowing tips, you’ll definitely see your glowing skin instantly and enjoy long lasting results. Your plump, dewy skin will be complimented by your friends in next gathering.

Let’s get started:


1. Understand the interplay between your skin type and skin concern


Your skin goes beyond just the 5 basic categories of oily or dry, normal or sensitive or a bit of both in combination skin.


You skin concern also plays an important role in choosing your skincare. That is why you should always take into consideration BOTH your skin type AND skin concern when selecting your skincare.


Your Skin Type determines which ingredients are beneficial and which ones are harmful to your skin. Some ingredients which may be helpful for one of your skin concerns but might exacerbate another skin problem.

Bauman skin type system measures four barriers in our skin:

  • Dehydration: Oiliness vs dryness
  • Inflammation: Resistance vs sensitivity
  • Pigmentation: Pigmentation vs non-pigmentation, and
  • Wrinkles: Tightness vs wrinkling.

Determining where you fall in each of the four factors serves as the foundation for to finding out your skin type.

But that is not all!


The interplay of all these factors affects how you choose the right skincare! If you have wrinkles as your skin concern, you may want to use anti-aging products to target your wrinkles. Many of you may turn to retinol-based moisturisers or boosters.


While retinol works great for resistant skin types if you have sensitive skin as your barrier you should never use retinol-based skincare to treat your wrinkles.


That is why your skin type is more than the sum of the five categories, their interplay is crucial if you are looking to build a skincare routine that works for your skin!


To learn what is your skin type that follows this powerful principle, check out What is My Skin Type


Simply follow these 2 steps and you are well on your way to brighter skin that glows!

Step 1: Take skin iD test

Step 2: Know your Skin Type and get your personalised skincare routine


2. Choose ingredients that are effective, Collagen really?

“An ingredient is only effective when it enters the intended target site.”

I’m sure many of us have had one or two brightening skincare in our collection.


But did you know for many skin brightening ingredients to work effectively, they need to penetrate to the stratum basal level (deepest layer of the epidermis) and alter the normal skin pigmentation process; by reducing deposition of melanin into keratinocytes.

Lots of expensive brightening moisturisers in the market that containing collagen “extracts” claim to restore skin’s collagen lost due to aging.


However, I suspect their integrity.




Collagen and polypeptide are difficult to absorb due to their molecular weight of between 15,000-50,000 Daltions (Da).

For effective skin penetration, cosmetic substances need to be less than 500 Da and be in a suitable carrier system.


This means even very tiny substances may not be able to penetrate very far through the epidermis if it is not in an effective delivery system. The peptide in phospholipid form can help deeper penetration. Topically applied Vitamin A can increase collagen content of the skin.


Same principle goes for hyaluronic acid (HA).


It is within this deep layer of the dermis that hyaluronic acid exists. Topical application of hyaluronic acid is hard to penetrate into dermis layer, so it helps hydrate the skin but very few ones can replace lost naturally HA. Topical ingredients that stimulate the skin to make its own hyaluronic acid is much more effective. One such ingredient is the ferment filtrate from French Polynesia Islands.


Many common lipids penetrate into the very outer layers of the epidermis (stratum corneum), this provides the moisture protective barrier to reduce the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).


In short, choose an ingredient that can be effective when it goes to the target site.


Consider using ingredients with small molecular weight or penetration enhancers (phospholipid form) to enhance the skin penetration.


I recommended considering topically applied ingredients to help increase collagen and hyaluronic acid content for radiant and youthful looking skin.

3. Maximise the efficacy of your skincare actives by building healthy skin barrier

Oily-resistant skin types have a strong skin barrier with an extra layer of sebum to prevent penetration of ingredients.


If you have this skin type you would require an increased concentration of active ingredients or penetration enhancers to demonstrate efficacy.


Dry, sensitive skin types, on the other hand, have an impaired barrier that allows increased penetration of ingredients; if you have this skin type you are more prone to inflammation.


For DSPW (Dry, Sensitive, Pigmented and Wrinkle-prone) Skin Types, the skin brightening ingredients (to target Pigmentation) and anti-aging ingredients (to target Wrinkles) that are required should be carefully chosen. They should not be ingredients that will incite inflammation due to the DSPW Skin Type’s Sensitive Skin


Dry skin types are more easily irritated by retinoids and acne medications.


Penetration through the Skin Barrier article describes how different characteristics such as age, skin type and the ingredient’s molecule size affects the efficacy of the actives penetration.


The goal of a properly designed skincare routine is to achieve an idealized skin state by removing excess sebum in Oily Skin Types and repairing the skin barrier in Dry Skin Types.


So, prioritize treating your skin type before the skin concern to soak the full benefits of your skincare actives.


Work on a healthy skin barrier to balance actives penetration and decrease negative side effects, especially for sensitive skin.

4. Improving Skin Hydration Helps Skin Desquamation

When your skin becomes dehydrated, the desquamation (skin renewal) of corneocytes is adversely affected because the enzymes necessary for desmosome metabolism require water.


The abnormal or compromised desquamation leads to visible skin surface irregularities that result in skin that feels rough and loses radiance because it poorly reflects light.


Using exfoliating products can help achieve an instant glow to your skin.


However, this is a temporary measure. These exfoliating products can only help your skin look glowing temporarily, as they are just treating the symptom of roughness but not the underlying cause, which is dehydration. So you need apply right moisturiser and booster to improve skin hydration.


A few simple actions to improve the skin hydration:


Use a moisturiser containing lightweight lipids to film the form on the skin

Use barrier repair ingredients such as ceramide and betaine, or/and lamellar emulsion structure with phospholipid-based emulsifier

Apply serum or booster containing microbiome such as prebiotic technology for a healthy skin barrier. As your skin ages, the microbiome diversity also changes


A new research study by Japanese cosmetics powerhouse Shiseido has determined that sensitive skin has less diverse biodiversity compared to less sensitive skin.


Apply these steps to improve your skin hydration and in return it will be sure to give you long-lasting, glowing skin naturally.

To summarize what I have shared about my 4 best skin glowing tips:


  • Knowing your true skin is such an important but often overlooked essential step. The interplay between your skin type and concern. Choose right ingredients for your skin concern, but one that your skin can tolerate.

  • Your effective skincare routine will aim to improve the ingredients penetration and maximize the efficacy. It means removing excess sebum in Oily Skin Types and repairing the skin barrier in Dry Skin Types.

  • Thus, prioritize treating your Skin Type before proceeding to treatments on the Skin Concern (wrinkles, pigmentation). A healthy skin barrier brings you one step closer to brighter, glowing skin.

  • Exfoliating skin is only a temporary measure. Exfoliating products are just treating the symptom of roughness but not the underlying cause, which is dehydration. You need apply right moisturiser and booster to improve skin hydration to achieve lasting radiant.


If you are ready to get skin glowing naturally with effective skincare routine personalised for you, check out our Get Skin Glowing Solution

Set up a quick skin consultation and we’ll walk you through the right skincare routine for you to have glowing skin naturally. Click the link HERE

What are some of your effective skincare routines you swear by?


1. Baumann L. Dry skin. In: Baumann L, Saghari S, Weisberg E, editors. Cosmetic dermatology: principles and practice. 2nd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2009. p. 83–93.

2. Penetration through the Skin Barrier, Jesper Bo NielsenEva BenfeldtRikke Holmgaard, PMID: 26844902, DOI: 10.1159/000441549

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snowperk founders have over 20 years of experience in multi-national corporations in the personal care industry, with strong R&D background in formulation and packaging. Our founders believe that all women can achieve the skin of their dreams with the right personalised skincare that is backed with innovation and science.

Today, the founders help build effective skincare routine personalised for you.


  • January 19, 2021
    Lyn Pek

    I was doing basic cleaning with off the shelf products. Used to think that was the standard routine that everyone was doing. However now after using your products, I realised how important every step is, especially exfoliating! A big thank you for sharing this article, I indeed feel much trust now in your products!

  • January 20, 2021
    Neha singh

    Such a great article . It gave me so much knowledge. I used to buy products for my dry skin just by looking at the name and benefits but now I know the ingredients to look for .Love it !

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