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A woman's face with acne caused by wearing mask
A woman's face with acne caused by wearing mask

2020’s norm: Masks, Masks and Maskne.

The increase of mask wearing and the growing need for sanitization measures have left our skin damaged.

Our faces are more dry, with flaking patches and full of unsightly blemishes. Some of us even experience breakouts which may result in acne. Though these masks protect us from the viral transmission of COVID-19. We are still worn out by the irritation to our skin from wearing masks all day.

Now known as maskne, which are acne breakouts caused by wearing masks, we are all desperate for a quick solution.

Furthermore those Sensitive or Oily Skin Types  are especially prone to getting maskne due to the way their skin adapts to the environment.

What is Maskne?

Maskne can cause Acne Breakouts as wearing masks all day traps in your sweat, sebum, and makeup.

Your face is constantly rubbing against these debris throughout the day, resulting in a higher likelihood of getting clogged pores and inviting Acne bacteria to proliferate.

Also, each breath you exhale, the heat and moisture get trapped in your masks. It creates a warm and moist environment that is just begging for bacterial growth.

For Oily Skin Types, the mask tends to absorb more of your natural oil secreted. Hence, with all the dirt trapped, your pores will be clogged easily, leading to Acne breakouts.

People with Sensitive Skin Types are at most risk after a long period of mask-wearing. Due to friction caused by repeated wearing and taking off the mask, the skin on the nose bridge tends to get the most skin irritation. Once the irritation turns inflamed, it may cause breakouts leading to maskne.

How to prevent Maskne?

Easy 3 Step Treatment to cure Maskne
1. Moisturize with Purified Sugar Beet Root in snowperk Balancing Moisturiser Gel-Cream
2. Layer on with oil controlling NO.2 Pore Minimising Booster for refined and flawless skin
3. Strengthen skin with NO.6 Skin Soothing & Hydrating Booster for gentle but powerful protection for acne-prone skin

Step 1 – Moisturise with Purified Sugar Beet Root in snowperk Balancing Moisturiser Gel-Cream

Receive ALL DAY, 24 hour moisturising protection with our snowperk Balancing Moisturiser Gel-Cream. Featuring Sugar Beet Root extract, its protective hydrating benefit coupled together with its smooth and soft feel are great for those who are experiencing dry skin or acne breakouts from mask wearing during this COVID-19 period.

What is so good about Purified Sugar Beet Root Extract?

With the incessant wearing of masks, your skin barrier is more compromised. Protecting your skin barrier is the first step to preventing maskne breakouts.

Sugar Beet Root is known as an osmoprotectant which helps control the water balance in cells. It has been proven to greatly improve the skin moisturisation levels by strengthening the skin barrier.

Sugar Beet Root is also great for hands care. Featured in a Personal Care North America Oct issue, Purified Sugar Beet Root Extract has been known to be able to protect and hydrate the skin from excessive drying from hand sanitizers.

The article discussed the benefits of the Sugar Beet Root Extract in skin care. The results from three studies are as concluded:

  1. Sugar Beet Root Extract as an amino acid derivative, naturally maintains skin cells water balance. In dry skin, skin cells are under hyperosmotic stress which can cause water efflux and cell shrinkage. Sugar Beet Root Extract as an osmolyte can attract the water movement under this stress to retain original cell volume and hydration.
  2. Sugar Beet Root Extract can strengthen the skin barrier by increase the cells tight junction to limit the water evaporation from inside skin cells.
  3. With only 3% added to the skin, there was significant and long lasting moisturising effects on the skin in just 4 weeks based on ingredient supplier clinical study.

Step 2  – Layer with oil controlling NO.2 Pore Minimising Booster for refined and flawless skin

The next step after protecting your skin barrier from mask friction, is to control your sebum levels.

Gliding smoothly and gently on the skin, snowperk NO.2 Pore Minimising Booster features Miniporyl™  (red clover flower extract) that decreases sebum rate by 17% and reduces the appearance of pore size for a refined and perfect skin in only 15 days**

**Based on ingredient supplier consumer study

Formulated with Red Clover Flower and Australian Lemon Myrtle, these two exquisite extracts work together to help reduce the size and appearance of pores and protect against urban-life induced

skin’s oiliness for a flawless skin appearance.

Layer on our booster after applying the moisturizer for double the protection and double the benefits.


Defend your skin against maskne and achieve a healthy inner glow!

Step 3 – Strengthen skin with NO.5 Skin Soothing & Hydrating Booster for gentle but powerful protection for acne-prone skin

Having the mask on the whole day creates a moist environment that is a great breeding ground for certain microorganisms. With 25% prebiotic technology in our snowperk NO.5 Soothing & Hydrating Booster, the skin’s microbiome is gently rebalanced and is stronger in immunity.

Canadian Willowherb is used by Native Americans to sooth the skin. 30% Canadian Willowherb mixed with snowperk balancing gel-cream exhibits an antimicrobial effect to fight off inflammation.

Consumers experience a reduction in blemishes and their skin is clearer in just 4 weeks (based on ingredient supplier consumer study).

Together, this maskne-fighting trio combines the actives to synergistically aid in achieving healthy glowing skin with a blemish and acne-free appearance.


Check out our Special Maskne Starter Set today!

If you are currently struggling with your skincare and would like some advice on what best works for your skin, we are always here to help. snowperk iD™ offers personalized recommendations to optimize your skincare day and night routine, as well as insights into your skin type and condition.

Get your personalised mini starter set from $35

About the Editorial Team

The snowperk Editorial Team has deep knowledge in cosmetic science and skincare. We are passionate about uncovering the optimal skincare routine to unlock long lasting skin health and youthful radiance. The Editorial Lead holds a certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science from Institute of Personal Care Science (world-leading education institution) and Diploma of Personal Care Development and Promotion. Our founders have over 20 years of experience in multi-national corporations in the personal care industry, with strong R&D background in formulation and packaging. Our founders believe that all women can achieve the skin of their dreams with the right personalised skincare that is backed with innovation and science.

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