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If you think having too much sun exposure is the root cause of those pigmentation on your face – you are only partly right.

For Asian skin types, these pesky dark spots often occur due to the overproduction of melanocytes. Which means that our genes make it easier for us to develop dark spots than our western counterparts.

Additionally, it is due to the lack of protective and preventive skin care that sped up the appearance of dark spots.

By learning how your skin works and how pigmentation occurs in the skin, you can shop smartly for skin care products that work on everything from pigmentation removal to treating long-term hyperpigmentation.

Key takeaways

  • Exposure to UV light is one of the biggest factors that contribute to skin pigmentation
  • Look for hydrating ingredients that increase cell growth and turnover
  • Treat your skin with the right ingredients and a right skincare routine to target your pigmentation 


What Causes Skin Pigmentation 


causes of pigmentation on skin


How does pigmentation on our skin occur? Our skin produces a pigment through an enzyme called Tyrosinase. They are located in melanocytes that are found in the deepest layer of the epidermis.

While each of us roughly have the same number of melanocytes, the amount of melanin that each cell produces varies from person to person. Larger amounts of melanin equate to a darker skin tone.

For Pigmented Skin Types, the melanocytes are overactive, producing more melanin than it should. This may take the form of hyperpigmentation from acne, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 


types of hyperpigmentation on face, melasma, freckles, liver spots and acne marks


Of course, genetic factors do play a role in the amount of melanin that your skin naturally produces. Asian Women’s skin in particular is more susceptible to pigmentation. 

However, exposure to UV light is one of the biggest factors that contribute to skin pigmentation.

When exposed to the sun, the melanin production in your skin is greatly increased to produce additional protection against the free radical damage. But excessive production could lead to cancer.

Hormonal changes are also another common factor that is responsible for causing hyperpigmentation, such as melasma. Known as the “pregnancy mask”, these dark patches of skin fades away after pregnancy when the hormone levels have normalized. But for others, it may be worsened by sun exposure and is more difficult to treat.


How To Get Rid of Pigmentation 

Here are several tips for pigmentation removal and prevention:

Over-the-counter products, affordable and easily available. Look out for these when choosing your skin care

  • Hydrating agents like Hyaluronic Acid or Kernel Corn Extract can help avoid drying skin and encourage cell turnover
  • Promoting new cell growth with Ferment filtrate from French Polynesia
  • Repairing the skin barrier with purified sugar beet root extract
  • Gentle exfoliating products

It is important to protect your skin from further damage and strengthen against harsh environments. Your skin care habits can also play a role:

  • Avoid pulling and picking at your skin as it can cause further damage and inflammation.

Some of you may also be familiar with chemical treatments such as chemical peels, pigmentation laser therapy, pigmentation facials and microdermabrasion. While these treatments help speed up pigmentation removal, these procedures are only able to remove the top layer of your skin (where the pigmentation lies) to help you achieve a more even skin tone. Internally, your skin will still continue to produce melanin which results in hyperpigmentation.

My advice?

Take preventive steps to stop future damage from pigmentation. Don’t spend a bomb on facial treatments that claim to remove hyperpigmentation when you can get the same, or even better results at home! Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 daily, even when indoors, use skincare products with a well-balanced pH level as irritating ingredients can further your pigmentation. 

Thankfully, you can find products that contain deep hydrating and skin lightening ingredients that help with hyperpigmentation such as:

  • Oligopeptide (a brightening ingredient)
  • Beet Root Extract (hydrates and strengthens skin barrier)
  • Damask rose (improves dull skin without causing irritation)


Treat Hyperpigmentation with Skin Brightening Booster from snowperk®

Here is a product that is great at incorporating natural, skin lightening ingredients – the Skin Brightening Booster.

This face serum contains:

  • Oligopeptide (ß -White™): A milder alternative to pure Vitamin C. Oligopeptide is an incredibly powerful active that helps promote skin lightening to improve the skin tone rapidly. 
  • Natural Ferment Filtrate (Exo-T™): Harvested from the French Polnesias, this natural alternative to Retinoic Acid offers better results in skin desquamation for a faster skin renewal and shedding. With new skin cells generated, the skin is softer and the skin tone is more even.

Customers who tried this booster found that it:

  • Left them with smooth and supple skin
  • Increased their skins overall hydration
  • Balanced their natural oils better
  • Made their skin more radiant and bright

You can also find this booster in the Illuminating Radiance set which also has the popular Skin Glowing & Hydrating Booster with Damask Rose Extract  – perfect for those with Sensitive Skin Types who are looking for a natural, more milder alternative to treat their pigmentation. 

Develop The Right Routine For Your Pigmentation

It is critical for your skin’s health to identify any skin conditions before searching for the products to add to your skincare routine. The reason is simple;

Your skin is unique, it changes along with your lifestyle, diet, and moods. You need to find products with ingredients that address those needs. 

Many popular, tried and proven ingredients may work for someone else, but not for you. Oftentimes, it may even cause further damage, especially if you have a pre-existing skin condition or an allergy to those ingredients.

I’ve had many consultation clients describe how this “popular” product did absolutely nothing for them and their skin. My question to them was simple, “Do you know what’s your skin type and how to layer the products properly?”

Through years of research in cosmetic science, I discovered that sometimes, we may think we have one type of skin condition, when in fact, we have another. There is interplay between different skin conditions, so choosing the right ingredients is important to avoid fixing one problem but worse another problem in your skin.

The Best Skincare for Your Skin Will Leave You with Brighter, More Even Skin Tone for An Ever-Youthful Glow

When you spot a dark spot in the mirror in the morning, you might feel devastated. However, pigmentation is a natural part of aging and a natural process of melanin production in our skin. 

In the market, there are many ways you can treat pigmentation with topical creams, over-the-counter products that offer pigmentation removal solutions or even going to expensive hyperpigmentation laser treatments!

Still, choosing the correct ingredients that are gentle, hydrating and generate cell renewal will benefit your skin and you in the long run. It is so important to understand your skin type and learn which products are best for your skin condition to really help brighten it. 

When you find those products, you can be confident that your skin will feel healthier and have a natural glow from within. 

Are you ready to learn more about your unique skin type? Take our free skin iD test today!

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