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We’ve all heard of various fad diets for skin that claim to improve the appearance of our skin. While these diets may not be based on fact, studies have shown that types of the foods you put into your body can play a big role in your physical appearance, especially the appearance of your face. Healthy, vitamin-rich foods can even help slow down the aging process, reduce the development of wrinkles, and keep your skin glowing and hydrated.


How Fad Diets for Skin Work


Fad diets are eating plans that become popular through media, and they promise quick weight loss by severely limiting certain foods or overemphasizing other foods, e.g., the cabbage soup diet. However, to have a totally well-balanced and healthy diet in order to have healthy skin, you need certain nutrients in some of the foods that these plans tend to omit.


Renew Your Skin Cells With Good Nutrients


Did you know that it takes about 35 days for the epidermis (outer layer of skin) to replace itself? So how long will it take for you to start seeing changes in your skin after going on a good skin diet? Give your skin a minimum of 35 days to see significant changes!


What Are the Good Diets for Skin?


A good skin diet is simple—all you have to do is to avoid the foods that make your skin unhealthy and indulge in foods that can make your skin healthy and glowing! It is important to note that the good skin diet is not one of those crash diets that you go on for a quick fix. The good skin diet is a lifestyle. Yes, a lifestyle. This means do not expect to get glowing skin radiating with health overnight.


It will take time for your body to take all the good nutrients from the healthy foods your eating and carry out long stalled work such as detoxifing your skin and sending nutrients to boost your skin.


What to Expect – Diets for Skin


When you get on board a good skin diet, it may not be easy. Many people hate eating vegetables and fruits. When you’re with your friends, you may have to avoid the junk food and soft drinks. Your skin may start purging at first as your body take the wonderful nutrients to detoxify your body.


Who Needs Diets for Skin?


Go on a dedicated skin diet if:

  1. You are fed up of your skin flaring up with acne every other day, then you should try the good skin diet.
  2. You have dull lifeless skin that looks like it could use a nice serving of vitamins and nutrients to give it a boost.
  3. You have tried many over the counter products but you are still suffering from unwanted pimples and blemishes.
  4. You just want your skin to look and feel better!


Now let’s look at the foods to eat and the foods to avoid on your good skin diet.

Foods to Avoid for a Clear Skin Complexion


  • Sugar


Some people have found that eating less sugar decreases their overall number of breakouts. Of course, sugar appears in more foods than just that soda or piece of cake: refined “white” carbohydrates can appear in breads and grains, as well as in many processed foods. Replacing these sugary foods with nutrient-rich, whole-grain alternatives can have a positive effect on your skin health by reducing inflammatory breakouts and rashes.


  • Dairy


The research here can be a little more controversial, but some recent studies have shown that dairy products may increase inflammation, which can lead to acne and redness in the face. Researchers believe that the hormones in our milk products can wreak havoc on our skin. If you’re worried that dairy products are the cause of your breakouts, try switching to dairy-free alternatives like soy- or almond-based products to see if they relieve your symptoms.


  • Salt


High-sodium foods, especially processed foods like potato chips or frozen meals, can make your skin retain excess water, which can make your skin look puffy or bloated. Plus, high doses of iodized salt has even been shown to increase breakouts. Check the labels on your food, especially processed foods, to make sure they aren’t overloaded with sodium.


  • Others to consider for avoiding


– Alcohol

– Hydrogenated oils

– Caffeine

– Ice cream

– Refined flours (avoid white bread!)

– Chocolate

– Processed foods



Foods You Should Eat for a Clear Skin Complexion


  • Fruits and vegetables


Incorporating more fresh, whole foods into your clear skin diet plan is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Plus, foods high in healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids, such as nuts or avocados, are particularly ideal: these foods can help your skin retain moisture and fight off external damage. In addition, foods high in antioxidants, like leafy greens and berries, can help defend your skin from free radical damage. Aim to eat several servings of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors every day.


  • Fish


Your body uses protein to build collagen, among other things, and fish is an excellent source of protein. In addition, fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which (as stated earlier) can help promote the overall health of your skin. Try to incorporate fish into your diet at least two or three times per week.


  • Water


Okay, this technically isn’t a “food.” But drinking water is one of the healthiest habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle, and it’s great for your organs, your brain, your heart, and (of course) your skin. Drinking water frequently throughout the day can help replace the moisture you lose naturally through sweat and metabolic processes. Make sure you’re getting your eight glasses a day to ensure that your skin remains moisturized and healthy.

With a little knowledge of how your skin is affected by the foods you put into your body, you can make a difference in the way your skin appears. A healthy diet filled with nutrient-rich foods can help reduce inflammation, decrease the likelihood of breakouts, and add helpful moisture to your face—so make sure your clear skin diet plan takes this into account!


  • Others to consider for eating


– Brown rice

– Brown bread

– Nuts

– Berries

– Apples

– Leafy greens (e.g. spinach)

– Healthy home cooked meals

– Yogurt

Your Skin’s Future is Up to You


On the other hand, if you are struggling to develop an effective skincare routine and want advice on which products and techniques to use for your skin type, we are always here to help. You can sign up for our newsletter for weekly skincare advice – customized for your distinct skin type.


Snowperk iD™ will also provide you with personalized recommendations to optimize your morning and evening skincare routines. After you take our free assessment, we will share helpful content to give you more insight into how your skin works and how to properly care for it. With dedication, the proper diets for skin, and high-quality products, you can help your skin look and feel its best.


Get your personalized skin assessment now!



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