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Airless pump technology is revolutionizing the skincare industry, replacing screw-on lids and traditional pump bottles. Amid a global pandemic with concerns about cross-contamination and exposing products to viral germs, airless pumps are now more attractive than ever. As consumer safety causes more businesses to re-evaluate their product packaging, airless pump technology is providing numerous benefits to the skincare industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how airless pump technology differs from traditional pump bottles.
  • Recognize the seven main benefits of using airless pump technology.
  • With proper care and cleaning, airless pump bottles can last a long time.

Understanding How Airless Pump Technology Works

Airless pumps use a dispensing system that merges a mechanical pump with a specially designed container. As the user depresses the pump, it creates a vacuum. A diaphragm at the bottom of the bottle rises and pushes the product out of the bottle through the dispenser nozzle.

Traditional pump bottles draw the product through a tube, which creates air gaps at the top that expose the leftover product to oxygen. Airless pump bottles are constantly accessing product from the top since it is being pushed toward the nozzle with each press of the pump. Products aren’t exposed to oxygen and the lack of air gaps allows for more efficient and exact distribution.

7 Benefits to Using Airless Pump Technology

Airless pump technology is a safer, more effective packaging technique for users and the environment. Here are the seven main benefits of using airless pump technology in the beauty industry.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional pump bottles, airless pump technology doesn’t use a plastic tube to draw products out of the bottle. Airless pump bottles don’t produce CFC emissions, and they’re lightweight and recyclable. For these reasons, they’re a much more sustainable form of packaging for the beauty industry and beyond.

2. No Double-Dipping

Beauty products that are packaged in jars or bottles with screw-on lids mean users have to repeatedly put their fingers into the product, creating a high risk of product contamination. Airless pump technology is a more hygienic alternative. Not only does it eliminate the need for people to reach inside the container, but it dispenses a more exact portion size. Users don’t have to remove the lid to put any excess product back, introducing more contaminants into the bottle.

3. Less Waste

Traditional pump bottles create air pockets and make it difficult for users to access  the product. With airless pump technology, since the product is being pushed out of the bottle from the diaphragm at the bottom and no air is getting in, consumers can use every bit of their skincare products. By eliminating the waste of product, airless pump technology also eliminates wasteful spending on beauty items that aren’t being utilized to their fullest.

4. Prevents Oxidation

Contents of an airless pump bottle are protected from the air. They don’t come into contact with metal spring mechanisms that cause oxidation. Sensitive formulas are isolated from external factors that could cause deterioration and jeopardize the quality of the product.

5. Maintains Product Purity

Airless pump bottles are double-walled, so products are protected from temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Also, with airless pumps, the product doesn’t come in contact with the air at all. The bottle’s sealed chamber and vacuum design eliminate the need for chemical preservatives to protect against impurities. This results in a safer, healthier skincare product.

6. Easy and Convenient

Bottles with an airless pump have a 360-degree dispensing radius, so they can be used at any position. Whether they are on their side, right side up, or upside down, the vacuum action of the dispenser allows the product to pump without any issue. This not only makes bottles fast and easy to use. It means they can be stored anywhere, which makes them convenient for buyers and sellers.

7. Products are Safe for Users

Bottles that use airless pump technology offers users the comfort and satisfaction of knowing they’re getting a safe product. Because these bottles aren’t pressurized and tamper-proof, products are undisturbed, unaltered, and contaminant-free.

How to Care for Your Airless Pump Bottle

Some products, like creams and moisturizers, can cause the internal diaphragm in the bottle to get stuck. This is a common occurrence and can be resolved easily.

To re-prime the internal mechanism, do the following:

  • Make sure the pump is connected tightly to the bottle.
  • Tap the bottle’s base on a hard surface three or four times.
  • Turn the bottle upside-down and slowly pump the dispenser about 15 times.
  • Repeat these steps as needed.

If you ever experience difficulty with your airless pump bottle, whatever you do, do not remove the pump from the bottle. Doing so will introduce air into the bottle, and this can jeopardize the product’s purity and potency over time.

Re-Using Your Airless Pump Bottle

The exception to this is if you plan to refill your airless pump bottles with more product. These bottles can be reused but must be properly cleaned beforehand, especially if they’re to be used with a different product.

Follow these steps to ensure your bottle is prepared for safe product storage:

  • Remove the pump and push the diaphragm to the base of the bottle.
  • Warm water and mild dish soap can be shaken inside the bottle for cleaning.
  • Use a small bottle brush to remove thicker residue.
  • With soapy water still in the bottle, reattach the lid and nozzle and pump the solution through the dispenser.
  • Once clean, empty the water and sterilize the bottle.
  • Allow bottles to air-dry to avoid the introduction of bacteria found on fabrics and towels.

With proper care and cleaning, your airless pump bottles can play an effective role in your skincare routine for a long time.

Reap the Benefits of Airless Pump Technology with Snowperk

Snowperk is not just committed to providing you personalized skin care that meets your specific needs. We offer safe product packaging you can trust. Shop our line of tailored products in airless pump bottles, discover how to know your skin type with our simple skincare ID quiz, and find a skincare routine that’s right for you.

Shop our line of safely packaged skincare items today!

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