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Your skin absorbs every ingredient in the products you put on your face, so it’s shrewd to do your due diligence by researching what goes into every bottle. Not only that, but the skincare products you choose have the potential to prevent signs of aging and correct existing problems – or to produce the opposite result.

44% of Singaporean women kept up their rigorous skincare routines throughout most of the COVID-19 shutdowns, and skincare is a USD $271.2m industry in Singapore – but unfortunately, what’s good for the industry is not always in your best interests.

With so many companies out to get their share, can you trust the products your aesthetician promotes during your facial treatments? Not always. Fortunately, you can avoid overpriced scam products and choose the ones worth splurging on with a few key pieces of information.

Key takeaways:

  • A high price tag and the seal of approval from your aesthetician don’t guarantee a high-quality product inside the bottle.
  • Expensive products sold at your facial appointment may even contain harmful ingredients, too much water, and minimal to no active ingredients.
  • Certain products are worth the money if they contain high concentrations of active compounds and quality ingredients.

Graphic depicting statistics about women’s skincare routines and habits in Singapore

How to Decide What Skincare Products You Need in Your Routine

Let the information below serve as your checklist the next time you’re trying to decide whether to go home with the products your aesthetician suggests during your appointment.

Look for Plant-Based Ingredients

The Health Science Authority requires cosmetic products to be labelled with accurate and truthful ingredients. Plant-based ingredients, or ingredients derived from plants, are generally better for your skin and overall health than ingredients derived from plastics or oil by-products.

Know What Your Skin Needs from a Skincare Routine

Skin differs in more ways than colour. According to the Baumann Skin Type System (BSTS), skin falls on a 48-type spectrum with qualities like:

  • Oily vs. dry
  • Sensitive vs. resistant
  • Pigmented vs. non-pigmented
  • Wrinkles vs. smooth
  • Loose vs. firm

You can save yourself a lot of frustration and money by learning where your skin falls on that spectrum with the snowperk iD™ Skin Analysis Tool.

Understand the Names of Key Ingredients

Certain ingredients sound dangerous, but they’re derived from plants or occur naturally in your body. Familiarize yourself with the basic ingredients that appear. Some are important for skin health:

  • Hyaluronic acid: naturally occurs in the body to support supple and firm skin
  • B-white: encapsulated peptide that slows melanin production
  • Elix-IR: knotgrass extract rich in antioxidants and flavonoids
  • Exo-H ferment filtrate: stimulates production of hyaluronic acid
  • Miniporyl: red clover extract that reduces sebum production
  • OiLESS’city: lemon myrtle extract that reduces pollution-induced sebum production
  • Saccharide Isomerate: kernel corn extract that promotes microbiome

Make sure to avoid toxic and dangerous ingredients as well, such as:

  • Alcohols
  • Sulphates

Pay Attention to the Concentration or Strength

Stronger isn’t always better. Sometimes, overly potent ingredients can damage your delicate skin. Meanwhile, low concentrations may not achieve the results claimed. The HSA requires companies to list ingredients in order of weight, so you can get a picture of how much is inside each product.

Don’t Neglect the Fragrance of a Skincare Product

Skincare products should smell pleasant. Unfortunately, many fragrances come from synthetic sources. Check the ingredients to see where the company sources its fragrance. Likewise, make sure to try a sample so you know you’ll like it.

Check for Colorants and Other Additives

Our snowperk® products are made with over 95% naturally derived ingredients. You’ll never find colorants and fragrances included, because they can damage your skin’s delicate protective barrier and put you at risk for environmental damage.

Examine the Bottles Before Buying Products for Your Skincare Routine

Companies know that packaging can create optical illusions. Examine the bottom to make sure it’s flat and not convex. Pay close attention to the weight of the product if the bottle is packaged inside a box. Skincare companies have found creative ways to sell less product for more money.

5 Products Worth Adding to Your Skincare Routine After a Facial

Makeup packaging on white background

Some products are worth the top-shelf price. While you should always read ingredients, the products below can deliver top-shelf results when you go for the luxury option.

  1. Boosters and Serums with Lots of Active Ingredients

Boosters and serums are easy to incorporate into your skincare routine. You get a high concentration of active ingredients for a reasonable price, and you can add serums or boosters to other skincare products like moisturizer.

  1. Restorative Moisturizers for Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin should take special care when selecting a moisturizer to ensure it will prevent inflammation, flakes, and sagging.

  1. Targeted Creams to Firm Skin

With the right ingredients, skin firming creams offer antioxidants and peptides developed by experts from plant-based ingredients. The high quality and expertise makes them worth the splurge.

  1. Pore Minimizing Creams

Like skin firming creams, the peptides and vitamins in pore minimizing creams deliver innovative products worth their price tag.

  1. Protectant Serums and Boosters

You can’t be too safe when it comes to protecting your skin from pollution and damage. Antioxidant-rich products contain specially developed formulas for this exact purpose. Local companies may even formulate their serums to protect against the area’s specific environmental toxins.

3 Skincare Products You Can Skip to Save Money

Before you spend $500 on a bottle of mystery cream, ask yourself what’s inside and whether its presence will genuinely improve your skincare routine. In general, you can give these expensive products a miss:

  1. Toners

Toners often contain alcohol and lots of water. Alcohol dries out your skin, and water is a waste of money in luxury skincare.

  1. Cleansers

Cleansers are some of the costliest products you’ll find during your facial, so save your money.

  1. Devices and Tools

If you want to try a new facial tool, buy online or from another local store to avoid inflated prices.

Figure Out Your Skin Type and Personalize Your Skincare Routine

You can avoid wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective skincare products by understanding your unique skin needs. Even the most expensive product with the highest quality ingredients may not work out well if it’s not designed for your specific type of skin and concerns. The snowperk iD™ Skin Analysis Tool can tell you where you fall among 16 various skin types and leave you empowered to address your concerns without spending money you don’t have to.

Answer a few quick questions and learn your unique snowperk iD™ with the Skin Analysis Tool!

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